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Here’s what you can (and can’t) do in the World of Warcraft Classic demo

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If you’re wondering exactly what the demo for World of Warcraft Classic will be like, then wonder no longer, because Blizzard has imparted a good deal of info about how the experience will play out, and what limitations will be in place.

The demo is set to be playable at BlizzCon 2018, while people at home can also play if they have virtual tickets.

In a forum post, Blizzard revealed that players will start the demo at level 15, with levelling capped at 19. That decision was taken to give folks a chance to experiment with the likes of talents and professions, which wouldn’t have been an option if players began at level 1.

There will be a time limit on each play session, meaning you’ll be logged off after a certain amount of time to give someone else a chance to get on the servers. That time period hasn’t been determined yet, but nonetheless, when you get back on, your demo character will still be there and your progress will be saved.

You’ll play the demo in either Westfall or the Barrens, depending on your faction, although you won’t be able to go into the Deadmines or Wailing Caverns dungeons. Furthermore, the only PvP action will be duelling.

Widescreen wonderment

Blizzard also noted that you’ll find the WoW Classic demo boasts support for widescreen monitors, so it’ll look right in 16:9 aspect ratio, rather than being stretched out to fit.

And all the modern trimmings will arrive with the Classic version of the MMO, including Battle.net chat being delivered in-game. You’ll also be able to simply right-click on a player to report them, along with anti-cheat measures (and various potential exploits blocked off).

As we mentioned at the outset, those who buy a virtual ticket to BlizzCon (which kicks off on November 2) will be able to enjoy the same demo that will be aired on the show floor, from the comfort of their own home. Also, the demo will remain playable for a full week.

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